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About Us

Welcome to Commerce Champions

At “Commerce Champions” we perceive Knowledge to be Divine. “Commerce Champions” is an initiative of ProChartered India Commerce Strategists Pvt Ltd and a panel of commerce experts and Business Advisors. We emerged on 11-11-11 (11th November 2011) with the devoir of imparting knowledge to commerce students about Industry Awareness and Career Counselling. Following the necessity raised from the student community for delivering job oriented training in the streams of accounting, finance, taxation etc., we initiated our Training Programs in esteemed colleges and online platforms globally and have successfully trained thousands of students.

Our Key Features

Why Commerce Champions

Conceptual Clarity

Studying just for the sake of exam and marks is not the objective of education. We at commerce champions believe that conceptual clarity plays a vital role behind every professional.

Personalized Learning

When technology is best matched with the learning objective of the student, it creates a miraculous platform to learn and succeed in academic and work life. We exactly do this at Commerce Champions.

Individual Attention

Though there is no physical presence of teacher, we give individual attention in terms of follow up, counselling, career advice etc. to every student who joins Commerce Champions.

Best Teachers

Education system revolves around qualified and skillful teachers. Commerce education system revolves around Commerce Champions as we have the best in class faculty for all subjects.

Adaptive Learning

At Commerce Champions, we don't just teach theoretically but we engage the learners with assignments, project works etc. in order to improve their application skills and exposure towards industry practices.

Convenient & Safe

It is always important to give the best possible room and time for the learners to study at their convenience. Commerce Champions is a platform where anyone can study at their comfort and convenience.

Track Record

At Commerce Champions, we aim at maintaining consistent track of the success of our members in terms of exam results, performance in interviews and job satisfaction. Join us to be a part of the success stream and to have a successful career.

Trusted Content

From text books to test books, exam preparation to interview preparation, self learning to skill development content plays a very important role. We at Commerce Champions create and continuously review content for updates, techniques etc.

Empowering Teachers

Special trainings, forums, certifications shall be provided to the esteem faculty members of Commerce Fraternity to improve industry domain exposure in the best possible manner. This in turn benefits students in understanding industry practices well.

Online Counselling

Commerce Champions has developed a mechanism where every member shall get professional guidance through counselling in terms of study techniques, job search methodologies, job performance improvements, professional careers etc.